2019 in a Nutshell

by Wendy Euphoria on 24th Dec 2019, 1:56 AM
Hi there,

its been a LONG TIME. I don't want to come up with excuses, life gets in the way of things and also turns things that were fun into chores to procrastinate. As much as I loved doing my comic between all the things that's gone on this year it was hard to want to do pages. Sometimes just sitting at home and doing nothing was more relxing, especially with all the things that went on this year. But things have gotten more relaxed and I've made commitments to my comic that are going to force me to do it. I'm not doing it cause I have to though, I love my comic and my art-- I want to love doing it and when I do do it, it's lots of fun; but again I couldn't justify doing more after doing so much (life stuff) and not taking time to like sleep and take care of myself. It was getting to the point where I'd get panick attacks from working too long or staying up too late. I just want doing my hobby to fit into my life without sacrificing other essential stuff. 

It does make me sad to put things aside that ironically, made me less depressed but I guess that's what happens when you take hobbies a bit more seriously... 

Anyway, I can't say I can promise a schedule, but my life is a bit more on track with less dramatic changes in store, so doing pages should be easier.A lesson I will take into next year is to not dedicate myself to things that wont guarentee myself success or help me grow in t he process. I have to manage how much of myself to give to other things and how much of myself, worth and time to put time into. I hope to do that more next year.

2019 is Here!

by Wendy Euphoria on 18th Jan 2019, 6:29 AM
2019 is here and I'm not making promises I can't keep haha.

In all seriousness, I'm glad to be back doing my comic. I've done a few pages here and there and am having more time to actually draw and publish stuff again. I'm gonna try and make more time for sketches art/ fan art and stuff as well. I need to fill up my sketch book with ideas so when it comes to drawing out stuff it won't be too hard to start. I found that using sketches for my line art help me to get motivated and work more.

I went from having 1 day off a week to an actual weekend and more than sleeping hours so I've definitly got more time XD I was so busy because saving up for a wedding is hard especially since I had like half a year to do so. But I made it through, my wedding was wonderful and after I kept my 2 jobs to save up for a rainy day before going to just one job in August. Then I went to Japan for my honeymoon! It was a busy but good year.

My friend had a goal of going to as many art conventions to sell art and gain experience and I want to try and do my best with that as well. That all depends if I can get some good stuff done for them that is, so have to get on that fan art bandwagon!

Asides from that... Moving forward, I will be posting a page a week for Promise List. Not sure when I'll be doing 2 pages again, I'm not making promises atm. But 1 page a week is a for sure thing I can manage right now. I also plan to redo some old pages and chapters to prepare my comic for print. Mostly the first 2 chapters. Chapter 1 is almost done then I have to get onto Chapter 2 which is almost a complete overhaul... New pages and redoing old ones which may take a long time but hopefully by 2020 I can look into putting my stuff to publishing. I've been working on doing that for a few years but I'ma buckle down on it this year.

I'm gonna go easy with these 3 'resolutions' or goals for this year.
1. Weekly page updates/constantly drawing
2. Art prints/illustrations for Cons
3. Redoing and preparing my comic for print

I already have 2 commissions so we'll see how things go haha. But again, I'm glad to be drawing again. I can't wait to get commissions out of the way to continue focusing on this! I'm really motivated right now so dont want to get distracted!

MCX- Mississauga Comic Expo

by Wendy Euphoria on 24th Oct 2017, 6:30 AM


I was at my first artist alley over the past weekend and had a lot of fun! The fall means I have lots of time to prepare for other cons and also time for my comic-since I barely posted this year >.< Life gets busy, and unfortunatley this is only a side project but I just gotta make do. Anyway, more pages to come soon! 

I also have updated the art for the first chapter! The second chapter's art and some plots will be updated soon as well. Just thought I'd do that now that I'm starting to print my stuff out. Consistancy is key! IT's nice seeing the progression of everything so far. I love what my art has become and hope to get better!


-Wendy Euphoria

Promise List HIATUS

by Wendy Euphoria on 14th Aug 2016, 8:27 PM

I hate that I have to do this.

I can already feel people giving up on my comic just by the 'h' word but I really can't deal with the circumstances under which I do my comic. I've had this old, shitty computer for almost 6 years now and the more and more I use it for art, the more it can't handle the most simplist things. I've been in the process of getting a new computer for a while now; but despite some complications with that I should have it in soon. 

Promise List isn't going on a very long or even undetermined hiatus. It's just until I have things settled.

Asides from my computer troubles, I'm in between moves. It's not a big reason as to why my comic's updates have been so bad, but after I move (again) I shouldn't have any interruptions for doing my comic. In October I'll be moved into my new apartment, as well as have a new computer to work on. I think about October 18th my comic should be back on it's schedule for sure. like 100%. I'd just rather not deal with my computer the way it is while doing my comic. I was content with working on it between moves and other things I'm doing but at a point where it lags a lot and shuts down whenever photoshop is up for more than 20 minutes, I'd rather not deal with it at all.

I'll be updating my Tumblr and Instagram with drawings and sketches until them but my comic wont be updating until October. I saw updating because I do still plan to work on it. Just at a rate where I'm not up at all the hours of the night because of my computer. I'll be able to que up many pages for October and hit the ground running. 

Thank all of you for the nice comments and reading my comic so far! It's pausing at a really critical character developing moment which sucks but hopefully the next 2 months go by quick!

I'll update my Insta and Tumblr with news about whats going on with the comic until October. This will be the last page until then. 

Thanks again!! >.<


Wendy Euphoria

New Job & Half way through chapter one!

by Wendy Euphoria on 15th Apr 2015, 7:13 PM

April 15th 2015


So sorry about the late updates again! >.< I try not to make it happen often but even so I still feel really bad. The cause of it this time was because I started a full time job on Monday. (yay!) Because I didnt work before it messed up my sleeping schedule, so now I'm tired ALL the time. Hopefully I can recharge this weekend and fix all the loose ends in my agenda. I dont want to have to cut down updates to once a week and until I find it too much to handle I'll keep it at two for now. The job got me caught off guard because I usually would have done tuesday's pages on monday, but because that didnt happen, and my computer crashed it ended up getting posted today.

I'm also at the end of my buffer but today I'm going to the scanners to scan my comic pages for the next 6 weeks then I'll take a end of chapter break for 2 weeks and come back with chapter 2 at the beginning of June! woot exciting that I'm almost into chapter two! Can't wait to draw it all out! Things start to get a bit dark for a bit, but then it'll get less heavy as things move along in chapter 2. I cant wait to develop characters that pop up every now and then in chapter one XD.

Hopefully I can manage full time work and doing my comic, but as long as I have weekends free and use them as best I can I should be fine. (Adult life yay) It'll be a busy summer, preparing for a wedding, conventions, larp events and trying to balance it all with social and work life @_@. I'll make it through I hope. Also hoping to get a new computer and phone (which will help with the crashing) soon so I wont have many problems with my computer as much :) 

Anyways, Thanks for reading and subscribing and please comment it makes me happy on the inside >.<

Wendy Euphoria

Milestones yay!

by Wendy Euphoria on 3rd Apr 2015, 1:26 PM

So Promise list has only been running for about 2 months now and it's already gotten 500 visitors and 2000 views! (Both reached within a week) this makes me quite happy to see how it's coming to be viewed more and more with each page I post, giving me so much confidence in continuing to make my comic! I so happy to see that people have come to view it so often and I hope you all don't get bored of it anytime soon!


Wendy euphoria~

Conventions Ahead!

by Wendy Euphoria on 14th Mar 2015, 4:19 PM

March 14 2015

Its a little early to be announcing Promise List at a convention near you, but I draw other stuff, and I'll be preparing those things for conventions in the summer. I'm trying to get into Anime North, (negotiating sharing a table with people since I wasnt drawn in the lottery) and maybe a few other Southern Ontario cons as well. If you haven't seen my other stuff, check out my Tumblr, DeviantART and Instagram for all the other goodies I do there! Promise List also has a Tumblr, although not much is on it, I'd appreciate the follows. 

Ps: I also cosplay. Currently working on a huge project for a friends fantasy cosplay wedding in the fall. So if another page is late, its one of these reasons! Just a little heads up. And a life update too I guess. Also the story will start getting interesting from now on! I'm excited for the shenanigans to come!


Wendy Euphoria~ <3

More than one page a week?

by Wendy Euphoria on 1st Mar 2015, 12:06 AM

Sunday March 1st 2015


As the story of this comic is SLOWLY coming a long with the update at only one page a week, it doesnt seem very interesting as comics that have chapters and chapters of material to allow less updates. So I'll probably be updating pages twice a week instead of one. Its only been a month that this comic has been going on and I'm doing well pacing creating pages and putting them out; giving me  a lot of time to create more stuff without a HUGE rush. My process is kind of time consuming so I dont want to be stressing over this comic, so I've been doint this at my leisure, but I also want to put up art and stuff and thats going to take a while if it takes 3 months to meet a new character. This unfortunately will leave me with less time to make things and a busier schedule, but its not all that bad. I'll only have a month to make about 2 months content as a posed to making 2-4 months content with a page per week schedule. Once things pick up I'll go back to one page but I feel like this needs more substance right now. I may start going to conventions and if I were to sell prints and post cards for my comic I'll need substance for people to want to buy it.

So, as this page comes up, expect another in a few days! I think I'll make it a tuesday/friday update so I'll have the next page up Friday, and then tuesday after that. That should give me enough time to draw up a lot of pages, I wont be doing it so leisurly anymore though but I'm up for the challenge. I hope people have been enjoying what they can so far. I'm going to do my best to add more at a quicker pace!

Wendy Euphoria~

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