2019 is Here!

by Wendy Euphoria on 18th Jan 2019, 6:29 AM
2019 is here and I'm not making promises I can't keep haha.

In all seriousness, I'm glad to be back doing my comic. I've done a few pages here and there and am having more time to actually draw and publish stuff again. I'm gonna try and make more time for sketches art/ fan art and stuff as well. I need to fill up my sketch book with ideas so when it comes to drawing out stuff it won't be too hard to start. I found that using sketches for my line art help me to get motivated and work more.

I went from having 1 day off a week to an actual weekend and more than sleeping hours so I've definitly got more time XD I was so busy because saving up for a wedding is hard especially since I had like half a year to do so. But I made it through, my wedding was wonderful and after I kept my 2 jobs to save up for a rainy day before going to just one job in August. Then I went to Japan for my honeymoon! It was a busy but good year.

My friend had a goal of going to as many art conventions to sell art and gain experience and I want to try and do my best with that as well. That all depends if I can get some good stuff done for them that is, so have to get on that fan art bandwagon!

Asides from that... Moving forward, I will be posting a page a week for Promise List. Not sure when I'll be doing 2 pages again, I'm not making promises atm. But 1 page a week is a for sure thing I can manage right now. I also plan to redo some old pages and chapters to prepare my comic for print. Mostly the first 2 chapters. Chapter 1 is almost done then I have to get onto Chapter 2 which is almost a complete overhaul... New pages and redoing old ones which may take a long time but hopefully by 2020 I can look into putting my stuff to publishing. I've been working on doing that for a few years but I'ma buckle down on it this year.

I'm gonna go easy with these 3 'resolutions' or goals for this year.
1. Weekly page updates/constantly drawing
2. Art prints/illustrations for Cons
3. Redoing and preparing my comic for print

I already have 2 commissions so we'll see how things go haha. But again, I'm glad to be drawing again. I can't wait to get commissions out of the way to continue focusing on this! I'm really motivated right now so dont want to get distracted!