by Wendy Euphoria

Conventions Ahead!

March 14 2015

Its a little early to be announcing Promise List at a convention near you, but I draw other stuff, and I'll be preparing those things for conventions in the summer. I'm trying to get into Anime North, (negotiating sharing a table with people since I wasnt drawn in the lottery) and maybe a few other Southern Ontario cons as well. If you haven't seen my other stuff, check out my Tumblr, DeviantART and Instagram for all the other goodies I do there! Promise List also has a Tumblr, although not much is on it, I'd appreciate the follows. 

Ps: I also cosplay. Currently working on a huge project for a friends fantasy cosplay wedding in the fall. So if another page is late, its one of these reasons! Just a little heads up. And a life update too I guess. Also the story will start getting interesting from now on! I'm excited for the shenanigans to come!


Wendy Euphoria~ <3

by Wendy Euphoria

More than one page a week?

Sunday March 1st 2015


As the story of this comic is SLOWLY coming a long with the update at only one page a week, it doesnt seem very interesting as comics that have chapters and chapters of material to allow less updates. So I'll probably be updating pages twice a week instead of one. Its only been a month that this comic has been going on and I'm doing well pacing creating pages and putting them out; giving me  a lot of time to create more stuff without a HUGE rush. My process is kind of time consuming so I dont want to be stressing over this comic, so I've been doint this at my leisure, but I also want to put up art and stuff and thats going to take a while if it takes 3 months to meet a new character. This unfortunately will leave me with less time to make things and a busier schedule, but its not all that bad. I'll only have a month to make about 2 months content as a posed to making 2-4 months content with a page per week schedule. Once things pick up I'll go back to one page but I feel like this needs more substance right now. I may start going to conventions and if I were to sell prints and post cards for my comic I'll need substance for people to want to buy it.

So, as this page comes up, expect another in a few days! I think I'll make it a tuesday/friday update so I'll have the next page up Friday, and then tuesday after that. That should give me enough time to draw up a lot of pages, I wont be doing it so leisurly anymore though but I'm up for the challenge. I hope people have been enjoying what they can so far. I'm going to do my best to add more at a quicker pace!

Wendy Euphoria~

by Wendy Euphoria

Finally Up!

I'm glad I have the first 3 pages up for people to get curious about them. I'll start regulary 1 page per week, next week and find extra doodles and stuff to decorate my pages later. 

by Wendy Euphoria

New Comic!


If you have recently stumbled upon my comic and havent yet seen anything yet its because I'm still setting things up! I Setting up the site was taking a lot longer than expected. So now that everythings decent I'll have to put up the first 3 pages tomorrow since I want to promote it when my hemisphere is awake XD So I'm glad to finally have this thing up (tomorrow) and will do my best to keep updating!